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Hi! o/

The game "Goat Story: The curse of El Chupacabras" was one of the winners in the "1st Programa de Desenvolvimento de Projetos - Secretaria Municipal de Cultura de São Paulo", at the end of 2013.

I was the game designer, concept artist, artist 2D (characters and UI) and animator. It was my first personal project, after years working for several game studios. I know it is an early version, the game needs more polish, but I loved working on it <3

As one of the requirements was co-production, this demo was developed by Pocket Trap, an independent game studio from São Paulo, Brazil.

For the first time I am publishing this prototype online - which has some minor problems because we did not have enough time to develop it (for example, after play the demo and return to the main menu, you must refresh the page). Unfortunately I do not have the source files with me to make a new build, sorry).

Speaking briefly about the game, it is a shoot'em up that tells the story about Rosario and Ramon in a magical world inhabited by weird and crazy creatures. They should save the citizens of Las Cabras - the friendly and peaceful goats!

The game has inspiration in several elements of Latin American cultures, especially the Brazilian and Mexican - using well known references and other curiosities. That is, a world full of colors, peppers, calaveras, and 'paçocas' - a traditional peanut candy much appreciated here in Brazil :D

I hope to develop more games soon (currently I'm studying game programming to make my own games <3) - and, if all goes well, finish this one too!


How to:

You must eliminate enemies using matching color shots (eg, blue shots in blue enemies) or color shots that form a particular color enemy (eg, yellow or blue shots to eliminate green enemies).

To release the caged goats just use matching color shots, as well as the enemies.

Controls (keyboard):

Directional arrows: Move the character
Q: Red Shots
W: Blue Shots
E: Yellow Shots
R: Special Attack (when available - the icon of a rose will become visible in the lower right corner of the screen)
Cursor / Click Mouse: Navigate and select options in menus
Enter: Start


Ah! All music and sound effects are placeholders and are not designed by us.

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